About the Artist:

My whole life I've been interested in a wide variety of arts and was especially fascinated with glass art as a child watching glass blowers work their magic. I was introduced to a form of glass art called Lampwork in early 2001. Through practice and experimentation I found I was able to combine my fascination of creative arts and glass with my deep love of animals.

I have been very blessed to be able to share my home and studio in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (state of Washington) with my wonderful and supportive husband and our two fun-loving dogs: Nanuk and Boo-Boo.  They, and our previous furry family members, have been very inspirational for many of my fun glass animal creations.

Click here to see pictures of my new studio as it was being built in 2007!

And may our beloved Collie girl: Azrael and Neapolitan Mastiff: Breezy both rest in peace. Girls, we love and miss you both so much and know you are playing in snow and sunny fields, wagging tails, chasing bunnies, snoozing, and givin' 'em what for up in heaven!

About the Art:

All of the whimsical glass animals and critters shown in these pages were conceived and patiently hand crafted by me from melting rods of glass with a torch and shaping to the end results shown on this website.

All hot shaped beads are immediately placed in a heated kiln and annealed at an appropriate temperature and time frame (usually around 12 - 13 hours). This annealing process strengthens the glass and reduces stress and fracture points. The most exciting part is seeing the life and expression of the newborn bead. He/she is then ready to hit the beach (or become a wonderful new addition to someone's collection or jewelry design)!

I hope one of these little whimsy animals will touch you even in the smallest of ways to bring a smile to your day. Thanks so much for your interest!

Annette Nilan
Dreams in the Sand - Whimsical Animal Lampwork Creations


The Three Dogitos!




Nanuk ~ the newest member of the pack! (and most spoiled)



Boo-Boo the wonder dog


Azrael the supermodel
Feb 4, 1998 - April 14, 2009

R.I.P. girl, you will always be loved... you will never be forgotten




Beloved Breeze: 1995 -2005