****NEW STUDIO PROGRESS UPDATE**** Ok not so new anymore...

LOTS of news to share! We recently moved out of the metropolitan city to a very rural and beautiful area (still in Western Washington). And one of the best perks to this move (besides having much more peace and quiet) is the exciting opportunity to design and build my own custom studio! We decided on a tall barn Tuffshed structure with a nice loft, windows & skylight that we could wire for electricity,heat & lights, finish the walls, and put in the counters, ventilation system and even a little sink! (gee, now I just need a bathroom!)

It's basically DONE... well, mostly that is. We still want to put in a simple little gravity basin sink and do a little more organizing. But no more excuses, now it's time to GET TORCHING!. Please see the pictures below to see the progress:

This was the shell of the barn as it was being constructed and we ran power to it (and then it snowed!)

Lots of insulation & drywall followed by mudding! The girls are bored with the progress.

Painting, Trimming the windows, and mounting the ventilation system!

Built new counters!

Installing lights & ceiling fan, painting the exterior & laying the tile (Earthy slate still needs to be cleaned & grouted)

Moving Day... FINALLY!!!! (what a mess)

...sheese, it's barely done and it's already going to the dogs!